About us

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS LEARNING GROUP is a privately owned education group, situated in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. KSLG was established on 13th December 2016.


The Organization is founded on the ethos to create “Create your future”, as the key management team is of the firm opinion that there is a need to bridge the gap between the industry and academia by creating that much needed nexus.

Hence the Organization fosters interaction with both academic and industry professionals for the students who undertake programmes at the Organization.


Knowledge Skills Learning is committed to allocate appropriate support for the success of the program delivered. This was before when education opportunities were limited and did not have adequate resources on further education opportunities for both high-achieving and low-achieving students. KSLG was founded on this philosophy to provide a service for student and adults looking for continuing education pathways with an academic as well as for those with want a vocational direction.


Your stepping stone to the endless possibilities for your future begins here.

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland (UITM) is a private educational institution whose mission, right from its foundation in 1996, is talents development as well as wealth and welfare creation founded by the Association of Entrepreneurship Promotion in Rzeszow. UITM is a non-profit institution which has been listed at the top of many national independent ranking surveys in the past 15 years. UITM main campus was located in southern Poland Rzeszow city.


To cater for the increasing needs for international programs, CENTER FOR GRADUATE STUDIES AND LIFELONG LEARNING is established in 2014 to be responsible for administering all the distance learning programs of UITM.


UITM offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Emphasizing on practical development and education, UITM always devotes herself to provide the best quality education courses for young people, to enhance the skills of each individual to effectively respond to changes in the society, and to prepare students to excellent perform in their field of industry.



Here at Knowledge Skills Learning Group, we offer various courses to assist in the progression and the development of the students. Courses that we offer are such as :